Welcome to Bennistar CBD!  We grow hemp in in the rich soil of Western Colorado using organic farming  practices.  We use only the most thoroughly processed CBD extracts to provide a very clean taste.  The quality of our products is exceptional, and provides an extremely high 6.5% of CBC and 3.0% of CBG in addition to the stated strength of CBD.  For example, in our 1,000 mg. tincture you also recieve an additional 240 mg. of other cannabinoids. 

We believe that “Full Spectrum” CBD Oil provides the most complete benefit  because it also contains other “minor cannabinoids”, terpenes, and very minor levels of THC (<.3%).  These additional components contribute to what is called  the “Entourage Effect” from the additional cannabinoids and minor THC in conjunction with CBD .  Even the minor amount of THC helps activate the CB-1 and CB-2 receptors in our endocannanbinoid system.

If you prefer not to take even minor levels of THC or if you are drug tested we recommend using “CBD Isolate” tinctures.  Isloates are over 99.5% Pure CBD and contain no other cannanbinoids..